September 2016

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

September 18th ,  2016 Meeting

Meeting #81- In Attendance:   preferred whisky.

    Joe Badding: Aberlour; Geoff Boulden(m): Aberlour ; Rhonda Boulden(m):(observer); Cooter Davis(m): (observer);  Melissa Diehl(m): (observer); Ernie Forkey(m):Aberlour; Bruce Galley(m):  Aberlour; Duncan Hollinger(m): Glenlivet; Diane Johnson: Glenlivet; Theresa Kolodzig: Aberlour;  Brian Mangus(m):Aberlour;  Faith McQueen(m): (observer); Tom McQueen(m):Aberlour; John Pailes(m): Aberlour; Mike Peters(m):Aberlour; Tony Peters(m):Aberlour;  Bonnie Pierce(m): (observer);  Mike Pierce(m): Glenlivet;  Stephanie Pierce(m):Glenlivet and Aberlour; Bill Rodgers(m): Glenlivet; Dave Roeser(m): Glenlivet; Eric Samulski (m):Aberlour; Marty Schneider(m): Glenlivet; Keith Sexton(m):Aberlour; Becky Smith-Davis(m):Aberlour;  Rich Utcig(m):Aberlour.


Topic/Theme:  Tom and Faith’s trip to Speyside

Whiskies tasted:  Glenlivet- Master Distiller’s Reserve, MacGavin’s Speyside, Aberlour A’bunahd

Famous Scotsman:  Sir Andrew Balfour, prepared and presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news:  New Body Launched to Represent all Craft Distillers in Scotland

50/50 winner:  Brian Mangus- $43.00

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  

  1. If you have glassware with the club, it is now your responsibility to take it home and bring it back.
  2. Meeting #82 is scheduled for Sunday, October 16th. Theme: Highland Whiskies


Keith S.

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