New members are not just welcome, you are encouraged and desired.  There's no sponsorship or invitation required.  If you've always been curious or just want to learn about scotch this is the place to do it.  Not a single member of the club was born with an infinite knowledge of scotch.  We all learned somehow, and this is the perfect place  to do it.  If you already know the ways of barley, peat, water and yeast then come on in and learn more.  Come help us spread your love for scotch whisky to others.  Send Keith and Tommy an email at dwyerspubscotchclub@yahoo.com or check out our calender and you can show up and surprise us!

  To be considered a member is simple.  When you show show up to any three meetings in a six month span, you then become a member.  After that, should you not attend six consecutive meetings, well, let's just say we can take a hint.  We'll stop considering you a member and will no longer pester you with meeting invites, recaps etc.
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