May 2018

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

May 20th ,  2018 Meeting

Meeting #101- In Attendance:   preferred whisky/food pairing

  Geoff Boulden: Talisker Storm/Meatloaf; Rhonda Boulden: Grant’s blended/Steph’s cookies; Ashley Cadenhead: (observer); Beth Cadenhead: (observer); E.P. Cochrane: Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings;  Becky  Davis: Talisker Storm/Meatloaf;   Melissa Diehl: (observer); Dan Emanuele: Ardbeg/Bacon wrapped potatoes;  Carol Farrar: Talsiker Storm/Meatloaf;  Ron Flesher: (observer); Ernie Forkey:(observer);  Bruce Galley: Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings;  Mike Ganscasz: Ardbeg/ Bacon Wrapped potatoes; Michael Gratas: Grant’s blended/Steph’s cookies;  Duncan Hollinger: Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings;  Andy MacVie: Ardbeg/Bacon wrapped potatoes;  Brian Mangus: (observer); Faith McQueen(observer); Tom McQueen:Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings; Tom McQuillen: Talisker Storm/Meatloaf;  John Pailes: Ardbeg/Bacon wrapped potatoes; Tony Peters: Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings;  Bonnie Pierce: (observer);  Mike Pierce: Talisker Storm/Meatloaf;  Stephanie Pierce: Talisker Storm/Meatloaf ;  Bob Rampino: Speyburn/Queen’s Earrings;  Keith Sexton: Ardbeg/Bacon wrapped potatoes;  Daryl St. Onge: Grant’s blended/Steph’s cookies;  Rich Utcig: Grant’s blended/Steph’s cookies


Topic/Theme:  Dinner & Movie

Whiskies tasted: Talisker Storm, Ardbeg AN OA, Speyburn 10, & Grant’s blended

Famous Scotsman: Goerge Bennie, prepared and presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news:  Scotch distilleries getting greener, Diageo invests big time bucks in whisky tourism

50/50 winner:  Bob Rampino $58

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  

  1. Meeting #102 is scheduled on June 24th .



Keith S.

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