May 2013

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

May 19th, 2013 Meeting

Meeting # 41-  In Attendance/preferred whisky:

      Geoff Boulden(m): 2;  Kim Boulden: 3; Rhonda Boulden: unknown; Ashley Cadenhead: 3; Carl Chamberlain(m): 2;  Oliver Champion: 3;  Rik Crosby(m): 3; Cooter Davis(m): (observer); Dan Emanuele: 1;  Carol Farrar(m):2 Mike Ganzcas(m): all!;  Brendan Gilbert(m): 3; Bill Gworek(m): 3;  Justine Jopp: 4;  Brian Mangus(m): 3; Paul Manly(m): 1;  Tom McQueen(m): 3;  Christine Pailes: 3;  J.D. Pailes(m): 3; Lillian Parnofiello: 3; Mike Peters(m): 3; Tony Peters(m): 3;  Bonnie Pierce(m)(observer);  Stephanie Pierce(m): 2; Eric Samulski(m): 3;  Keith Sexton(m): 2;  Becky Smith-Davis(m): 2; Daryl St. Onge(m): all!;  Mike Talluto: 1; Aaron Wagner(m): 4.


Topic/Theme: Dinner and a movie.  All courses of the meal were paired with particular scotches. Movie was Skyfall.

Scotch Combinations Tasted:  Combo 1- Glenrothes Select Reserve paired with pork tenderloin.  Combo 2- Old Pulteney 12yr paired with bacon wrapped potatoes. Combo 3- Black Bottle paired with smoked almonds and smoked gouda.  Combo 4- Deanston Virgin Oak  paired with iced oatmeal cookie.

Famous Scotsman: John Witherspoon, prepared by Keith S., presented by Mike P.

Covered in the news:  Johnnie Walker adds Double Black to whisky line. Whisky bottles from sunken ship fetch more than £12,000 at auction.

Back to Basics- n/a

50/50 winner: Mike Peters $40.

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. Next meeting is June 30th.

Until we meet in June, Slainte!- Keith S.

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