March 2014

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

March 30th, 2014 Meeting

Meeting # 51-  In Attendance/preferred whisky:

          Deb Barbour(m): Bruichladdich; Geoff Boulden(m): Bruichladdich;  Kim Boulden(m): Bruichladdich; Ashley Cadenhead(m): Bruichladdich;  Eric Cochrane(m): Bruichladdich;  Cooter Davis(m): observer;  Nick Dotzler: Tullibardine;  Dan Emanuele(m): Dailuaine;  Bruce Galley(m): Bruichladdich;  Laura Gamin(m): Dailuaine;  Blaine Hoy(m): Bruichladdich;   Randy Jamison(m): Bruichladdich;  Bob Koralewski(m): Dailuaine;   Randolf Kent(m): Bruichladdich;  Brian Mangus(m): Bruichladdich; Paul Manly(m): Bruichladdich;  Michael Morse(m): Tullibardine;  Brian O’Donnel(m): Bruichladdich;  J.D. Pailes(m): Bruichladdich;  Mike Peters(m): Bruichladdich;  Tony Peters(m): Bruichladdich;  Bonnie Pierce(m): observer;  Stephanie Pierce(m): Bruichladdich;  Keith Sexton(m): Bruichladdich;  Becky Smith-Davis(m): Bruichladdich;  Mike Talluto(m): Bruichladdich;  Rich Utcig(m): Tullibardine;  Aaron Wagner(m): Bruichladdich;  Paul Zelasko: Bruichladdich.


Topic/Theme: Going, going, gone: these scotches will be off the market soon.

Whiskies tasted:  Bruichladdich 10 yr old(“the laddie ten”), Dailuaine 10 yr old(a Prime Malt selection), and Tullibardine Aged Oak.

Famous Scotsman: King James IV, prepared by Keith S., presented by Aaron W.

Covered in the news:  Speyburn unveils £4 million expansion plans, Isle of Harris set to get a distillery, Expasion of Mortlach, and Forty Creek is sold.

Back to Basics-  N/A.

50/50 winner: Bruce galley $45

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. April meeting is April 27th.
  2. Spirit of Toronto tickets go on sale March 24th.
  3. Kim Boulden is hosting a tasting at Epic restaurant and lounge April 14th.


See ya in April,

Keith S.

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