July 2013

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

July 28th, 2013 Meeting

Meeting # 43-  In Attendance/preferred whisky:

           Mike Argentieri: Strathisla;  Deb Barbour(m): Skye;  Geoff Boulden(m): Skye;  Ryan Brown(m): Strathisla  Ashley Cadenhead(m): Strathisla;  Eric Cochrane(m): Clan Denny;  Brandon Czerwinski: Clan Denny;  Cooter Davis: observer;  David Duke(m): Clan Denny; Gabe DiMaio: Skye; Dan Emanuele(m): Strathisla;   Carol Farrar(m): Strathisla;  Ernie Forkney: Strathisla;  Bruce Galley(m): Strathisla;  Brendan Gilbert(m): Skye;  Bob Glowacki(m): Strathisla;  Duncan Hollinger: Strathisla;  Randy Jamison(m): Strathisla;  Bob Koralewski(m): Clan Denny;  Brian Mangus(m): Clan Denny;  Paul Manly(m): Clan Denny; Tom McQueen(m): Skye; Mike Miller(m): Clan Denny;  Brian O’Donnell(m): Clan Denny;  J.D. Pailes(m): Strathisla;  Tony Peters(m): Clan Denny; Bonnie Pierce(m): observer;  Stephanie Pierce(m): Clan Denny;  Rami Qarmout: Dewars Honey;  Bill Rodgers: Strathisla;  Eric Samulski(m): Strathisla;  Keith Sexton(m): Clan Denny; Becky Smith-Davis(m): Strathisla;  Mike Talluto(m): Skye.


Topic/Theme: The difference between a single malt, blended(vatted) malt, and blended scotch.

Whiskies tasted:  Strathisla 12yr, Clan Denny Islay, and Isle of Skye 8yr.

Famous Scotsman: Alexander Wilson, presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news:  Energy at Tomatin, and Dalmore releases the Paterson Collection.

Back to Basics- independent bottling.

50/50 winner: Bruce Galley $72

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. Next meeting is August 18th.

Until we meet in August, Slainte!- Keith S.

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