January 2015

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

January 25th, 2015 Meeting

Meeting # 61-  In Attendance:  preferred whisky

 Deb Barbour(m): Drambuie; Kim Boulden(m): Tomatin;  Geoff Boulden(m): Tomatin;  Eric Cochrane(m):Tomatin;  Mitch Dyck: Craigellachie; Nelson Dyck: Drambuie;  Dan Emanuele(m): Craigellachie; Carol Farrar(m): Tomatin;  Bruce Galley(m):Tomatin;  Randy Jamison(m): Tomatin;  Randolph Kent(m): Tomatin;  Bob Koralewsky(m):  Drambuie;  Brian Mangus(m): Craigellachie;  Tom McQueen(m): Drambuie;  Paul Manly(m): Craigellachie;  Michael Morse(m): Craigellachie;  JD Pailes(m): Tomatin; Tony Peters(m): Tomatin;   Mike Pierce(m): Craigellachie ;  Steph Pierce(m): Tomatin;  Eric Samulski(m): Drambuie;  Keith Sexton(m): Craigellachie;  Becky Smith-Davis(m): Tomatin.


Topic/Theme: What’s New?

Whiskies tasted:  Tomatin 14yr tawny port finished, Craigellachie 13yr, Drambuie 15yr                                                                     

Famous Scotsman: King Charles the 1st

Covered in the news: New guidelines regarding age statements in American whiskey, and eight distilleries/plants have rated “poor” in exceeding water usage.                                                              

50/50 winner: Becky Smith-Davis $43

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. Next meeting is Feb 22.

See ya in February,

Keith S.

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