JULY 2012

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

July 29th, 2012 Meeting

Meeting # 31: In Attendance/preferred whisky:

      Deb Barbour(m): Bowmore;  Geoff Boulden(m): Tomatin; Kim Boulden: Bowmore;  Rik Crosby: Tomatin; Cooter Davis(m)(observer); Bruce Galley(m): Bowmore;  Mike Ganzcas(m): Bastille;  Randy Jamison(m): Bowmore; Bob Koralewski(m): Tomatin;  Brian Mangus: Bowmore; Paul Manly(m): Bowmore; Tom McQueen(m): Tomatin;  Mike Peters(m) Tomatin; Bonnie Pierce(m)(observer); Stephanie Pierce(m): Bastille;  Keith Sexton(m): Bowmorer;  Becky Smith-Davis(m): Tomatin;  Daryl St. Onge(m): Bowmore.


Topic/Theme:  Blind Whisky Tasting.  Attendees blindly tasted whiskies, then answered questions about their identities.

Scotches/Whiskies Tasted: Tomatin 12 yr, Bowmore Legend, and Bastille blended whisky.

Famous Scotsman: Evelyn Glennie, presented by Steph P.

Covered in the news: Macallan Lalique is world’s most expensive whisky, Lagavulin unveils the only known sample of new-make Malt Mill,  Bruichladdich to be sold to Remy Cointreau, and Whyte & McKay fined for Cromarty Firth poll.

Back to Basics- N/A.

50/50 winner: Bonnie P- $29.

Old Business: An article on our club by Steve Jagord was published in the Amherst Bee, in the July 11th edition.

New Business:

1. Next meeting is Aug 26th.

Until we meet in August, Slainte!- Keith S.

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