February 2016

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

February 28th,  2016 Meeting

Meeting #74-  In Attendance:   preferred whisky.

   Deb Barbour(m): Glen Grant;  Erik Bernardi: Glen Grant;  Ryan Bernardi: Glen Grant;  Eric Cochrane(m): Bowmore;   Melissa Diehl(m): (observer);  David Duke(m): Glen Grant;  Mitch Dyck(m): Tullabardine;  Nelson Dyck(m):  Bowmore;  Carol Farrar(m): Glen Grant;  Betty Fournier(observer);  Dan Fournier: Glen Grant;  Bruce Galley(m): Glen Grant;  Brendan Gilbert: Bowmore;  Bob Koralewski(m): Glen Grant;  Brian Mangus(m):Glen Grant; Faith  McQueen(m): observer;  Tom McQueen(m): unknown;  J.D. Pailes(m): Glen Grant;   Mike Peters(m): Glen Grant ;  Bonnie Pierce(m): (observer);   Stephanie Pierce(m): Glen Grant;   Eric Samulski(m):  Bowmore;  Marty Schneider(m): Bowmore;  Keith Sexton(m):  Bowmore;  Becky Smith-Davis(m): Glen Grant;  Rich Utcig(m): Glen Grant;  Jason Wulf: Glen Grant.


Topic/Theme: Scotches that are extinct or about to be.

Whiskies tasted:  Glen Grant Major’s Reserve, Tullabardine Sovereign Oak,  and  Bowmore Legend.                                                                 

Famous Scotsman:  Bertie Forbes,  prepared and presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news:  Compass Box fights whisky transparency laws…Scotland wants its whisky legally protected in Mozambique…Scotch whisky is still the UK’s biggest net contributor to trade.                                                               

50/50 winner:  Melissa Diehl $42.50

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. Special thanks to Jason Wulf, Erik Benardi, and Ryan Bernardi of Lake Effect ice cream for being our guest today.
  2. Special thanks to Dan Fournier of 40 Creek whisky for being our special guest today.
  3. Next meeting is Mar 13th

See ya in March! ,

Keith S.

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