Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

February 21st, 2010 meeting


Preferred Scotch

Keith Sexton

J. Walker Green Label

Tommy Oberlander


Mike Wilson

J. Walker Green Label

Phil Allport

J. Walker Green Label

Daryl St. Onge

J. Walker Green Label

Mike Gancasz


Ryan Few

Famous Grouse

Rich O’Grady

J. Walker Green Label

Mike Farrell

J. Walker Green Label

Eric Cochrane

J. Walker Green Label

Brian McEachon

J. Walker Green Label

Topics: How Scotch is made , and the difference between single malt whisky, a vatted malt whisky, and a blended whisky. (If anyone is fuzzy on this still, I will gladly explain it again at the next meeting)

Scotches Tasted: Tamdhu 10yr, Famous Grouse, Johnnie Walker Green Label

Famous Scotsman: William Wallace, provided by Tommy O.

Covered in the news: Update on the recovery of Shackleton’s whisky in the Antarctic, Malaysia and Thailand protect what can officially be called Scotch, Glenfiddich is releasing a 50 yr old whisky at a suggested retail of 16,000 dollars a bottle, The Abhain Dearg distillery will release the Isle of Lewis’s first Scotch in 170 yrs, About 250,000 thousand dollars worth of Grant’s Scotch was stolen from a Scottish transport depot- a week later the 2 semi trucks were found empty in southern England.

Old Business: n/a

New Business: 1.  Eric will possibly give us a side seminar on Cigars.

2.  Next month we will all order different wings and we will each sample 10 different kinds

3. We will talk more about putting money together for a really expensive Scotch at years end

4. Pork tenderloin will be the main course for the movie/dinner in May.  Per special request, there will be no lima beans or asparagus!  The price for the evening will be $25 instead of the usual $20.

5. The April meeting will be April 18.  (March is Mar 21)

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