December 2012

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

December 2nd, 2012 Meeting

Meeting # 36

       Deb Barbour(m), Geoff Boulden(m), Kim Boulden, Rhonda Boulden, Eric Cochrane(m), Cooter Davis(m), David Duke(m), Carol Farrar(m), Brendan Gilbert(m), Bill Gworek(m), Bob Koralewski(m), Paul Manly(m), Mike Peters(m), Tony Peters(m), Bonnie Pierce(m), Stephanie Pierce(m), Eric Samulski(m), Keith Sexton(m), Becky Smith-Davis(m).


Topic/Theme: Christmas Meeting!!!

Famous Scotsman: David Dale, presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news: Fife Diageo bottling plant opens, New Zealand man saved from temporary blindness by taking in scotch through an IV.

50/50 winner: Eric Samulski- $40.

New Business:

  1. January meeting is January 20th.
  2. Congrats to Carl Chamberlain, officially a member.

Until we meet in January, Slainte!- Keith S.

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