Summary of the
Dwyer's Pub Scotch Club
December 11th, 2011 meeting

No real meeting, so this will suffice as the recap:

1. Tomintoul. Peaty tang. To say the least.
2. Dont know who made those oatmeal cookies, but they sure paired awesomely with scotch.
3. I love familes. It was great to see Geoff B and Dave D bring theirs.
4. Happy bday Stephanie!
5. I love Old Pulteney.
6. Jason Gielow never dissapoints. Those of you who stuck around to hear "The Friendly Little Cat" know what I mean.
7. That Glenmorangie Finealta really was a throwback! A rugged, muscular finish that had all the balls of a Springbank.
8. Extra Extra, read all about it: My morning paper today had the headline "TOMMY OBERLANDER STAYS SOBER AT DWYER'S PUB SCOTCH CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY!" Strange.
9. Blue Label was cool, but not worth the price.
10. Rosebank distillery has been closed for twenty years. What are the odds we have two bottles at the party! I know Dave Larson was smiling about that.
11. Speaking of Dave Larson- We missed you buddy.
12. Ten bottles of scotch, and we drank all of it. And I mean all of it. Not a drop left.
13. All the food was terrific!
14. Hey, in better light, i can now see the labels on the wine bottles even better! Dry wine, sweet labels!
Everybody have a great holiday!
See you in 2012! Next meeting is Jan 15th. We'll be addressing the haggis.
Slainte! Keith S.

In Attendance (m=member):

     Nick Alterio, Joe Badding (m), Deb Barbour (m), Bill Boulden (m), Geoff Boulden (m), Kim Boulden, Rhonda Boulden, Jason Cretacci (m), James Davis, David Duke (m), Deb Duke, Jack Duke, Thomas Duke, Bruce Galley (m), Mike Ganczas (m), Brendan Gilbert, Bill Gworek (m), Tony Jakiel (m), Randy Jamison, Diane Johnson (m), Bob Koralewski (m), Paul Kroetsch, Aaron Lelito (m), Paul Manly (m), Kelly Oberlander (m), Tommy Oberlander (m), Lillian Parnofiello (m), Mike Peters (m), Tony Peters (m), Bonnie Pierce (m), Stephanie Pierce (m), Eric Samulski (m), Keith Sexton (m), Becky Smith-Davis (m), and Daryl St. Onge (m).

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