The Scotch club meets one Sunday a month at Dwyer's Pub in North Tonawanda, NY.  Our first meeting was held Janurary 17, 2010.  Since then we have met every month to discuss the "water of life". 

$25 gets you samples of three scotches, ten wings and a pint of beer.

    The goal of this club is to learn about scotch.  Expert? Doesn’t  matter.  Beginner?  That  doesn’t matter either.  There are things here that are new to everybody.  Not only do we learn about the whisky, we learn a little about the people and place from which it came.

     Our meeting will usually have a predetermined theme.  Of course, we sample scotch.  We drink it.  We discuss it.  Everyone’s input is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged.  We learn how a particular distillery operates, and how the climate around that distillery affects the whisky.   We discuss the latest news in the world of scotch- there’s always something going on that’s noteworthy.   One member will have done a little homework and present the rest of us with a “famous Scotsman” and we get treated to a brief, usually entertaining bio of a Scot as chosen by the member.  We also go over any relevant scotch vocabulary and terms, and members generally learn a lot.

     You’ll notice I’ve said the word “learn” pretty often here.  That’s because learning is one of the two most important goals of this club.  The other is to have fun.  As my Captain in the Navy once said- “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”  Cheers!

                                        Keith Sexton,

                                            President, Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

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