August 2017

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

August 27th ,  2017 Meeting

Meeting #91- In Attendance:   preferred whisky.

 Deb Barbour(m): Jura; Geoff Boulden(m): Bruichladdich; Kim Boulden: Bruichladdich Becky Davis(m): Old Pulteney; Don Devine: Old Pulteney; Sheila Devine: Jura Melissa Diehl(m): (observer); Scott Duerr(m): Old Pulteney; Dan Emanuele(m): Bruichladdich; Carol Farrar(m): Old Pulteney; Ron Flesher(m): Jura; Ernie Forkey(m): (observer); Bruce Galley(m): Bruichladdich; Kevin Herlan: Jura; Amy Ivancic(m): Old Pulteney; Theresa Kolodzig(m): Jura; Walter Kolodzig: Jura; Andy MacVie(m): Bruichladdich; Brian Mangus(m): Bruichladdich; Faith McQueen(m): (observer); Tom McQueen(m): Old Pulteney; Tom McQuillen: Bruichladdich; Michael Morse: Bruichladdich; John Pailes(m): Bruichladdich; Adam Peters: Bruichladdich; Anthony Peters: Bruichladdich; Mike Peters(m): Bruichladdich; Mike Pierce(m): Bruichladdich; Stephanie Pierce(m): Old Pulteney; Bill Rodgers(m): Bruichladdich; Dave Roeser(m): Old Pulteney; Eric Samulski(m): Jura; Keith Sexton(m): Jura

Whiskies Tasted: Jura 16yr, Old Pulteney Navigator, and Bruichladdich Port Charlotte

Famous Scotsman:  Sir Andrew Wood of Largo , prepared and presented by Keith S.

Covered in the news: Possible fake antique bottles at Macallan

50/50 winner: Bonnie Pierce  -  $76.00

Old Business:  N/A

New Business:  

  1. Meeting #92 is scheduled for September 17th. Theme: Finishing


Keith S.

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