April 2013

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

April 21st, 2013 Meeting

Meeting # 40-  In Attendance/preferred whisky:

      Deb Barbour(m):Tomintoul; Geoff Boulden(m): Glen Kirk;   Ryan Brown(m): Tomintoul; Rik Crosby(m): Glengoyne;  David Duke(m): Glengoyne;  Dan Emanuele: Tomintoul;  Mike Ganzcas(m): Glengoyne;  Bob Glowacki: Tomintoul;  Dale Herbert: Glengoyne;  Bob Koralewski(m): Glen Kirk;  Brian Mangus(m): Glen Kirk;  Paul Manly(m): Glen Kirk;  Tom McQueen(m): Glengoyne;  Michael Miller(m): Tomintoul;  Chris Nichols: Glengoyne;  Brian O’Donnell(m): Tomintoul;  J.D. Pailes: Glen Kirk;  Mike Peters(m): Glengoyne;  Tony Peters(m): Glengoyne;  Bonnie Pierce(m)(observer);  Stephanie Pierce(m): Tie- Glen Kirk/Glengoyne;  Keith Sexton(m): Glengoyne;  Dave Stefanko(m): Tie- Tomintoul/Glengoyne;  Daryl St. Onge(m): Glengoyne;  Aaron Wagner: Glengoyne.


Topic/Theme: Blind tasting.  Attendees tasted 3 whiskies blindly, in an effort to really force us to concentrate on what we smelled, felt(mouthfeel), and tasted.

Scotches Tasted:  Tomintoul Peaty Tang, Glen Kirk 8yr, and Glengoyne 10yr.

Famous Scotsman: Graeme Obree, presented by Geoff B.

Covered in the news: Chivas Brothers distillery plans in Speyside approved, and South African drinks group, Distell, acquires Scotch whisky producer Burn Stewart Distillers .

Back to Basics- n/a

50/50 winner: Mike Ganzcas $40.

Old Business: n/a.

New Business:

  1. Tickets are on sale for Spirit of Toronto.
  2. Next meeting is May 19th
  3. The May meeting is our annual dinner and a movie meeting.  Reservations for the meal are required.

Until we meet in May, Slainte!- Keith S.

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