APRIL 2010

Summary of the

Dwyer’s Pub Scotch Club

April 18th, 2010 meeting


Preferred Scotch

Keith Sexton

Talisker 10 yr.

Daryl St. Onge

Talisker 10 yr.

Mike Gancasz

Talisker 10 yr.

Dave Larson

Talisker 10 yr.

Mark Frankel

Talisker 10 yr.

Matt Pascarella

Talisker 10 yr.

Jason Kerr

Talisker 10 yr.

Eric Samulski

Talisker 10 yr.

Carol Farrar


Monte Jones


Marcia Jones

Talisker 10 yr.

                                 *Undecided between Talisker 10.yr. and Isle of Jura 10yr.


Topics: Island Scotches from Jura and Skye.

Scotches Tasted: Talisker 10 yr., Isle of Jura 10 yr., and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Famous Scotsman: Lord Lister, provided by Dave L.

Covered in the news: Amrut whisk(e)y (India) and Mackmyra whisk(e)y (Sweden) are soon to be retailed in America, “Dee Dram” whisky created as a limition edition whisky with the sales going to help the Dee River’s habitat, Talisker commissioning the “Talisker Bounty Boat” to raise money to fight motor neuron disease.  The boat will reenact the famous 4,000 mile sail in the Pacific of Captain Bligh after he was cast adrift off the H.M.S. Bounty by Fletcher Christian, some 220 years ago.

Scotch term- n/a

Old Business:

  1. If the Sabres play the evening of May 16th, the May meeting will be moved to May 23rd.
  2. Confirmed that it’s quite likely we’ll have a kiosk at the Scottish Festival on Aug 21.

New Business:


      1.  I will be contacting everyone in a couple weeks to make sure who’s in for May’s whisky/dinner pairing.

      2.  June’s meeting will be June 6th.

Happy Birthday, Mike G!



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